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January 22, 2013


SSRS 2012 Service Application in Sharepoint 2013 returns internal Server Error (500)

So you are installing SQL Reporting Services in a 2 or more server farm. And when you go to the service to manage it you’re getting the following error

Application error when access /_admin/ReportServer/ReportingServicesSystemSettings.aspx, Error=The remote server returned an error

If you’re getting this error after you installed the SQL Reporting Services Add-in for SP2013 that means you haven’t installed Reporting Services on a SharePoint 2013 server. You can either install SharePoint on your Reporting Services installed server or  install Reporting Services to one of your SharePoint App servers.

Install SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services on a SharePoint application server. In the SQL Server 2012 installation wizard, choose ‘Reporting Services – SharePoint’ on the feature selection page.

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  1. Feb 18 2013

    Hi thx for your post,
    I ve installed 3 SharePoint server (2 apps and 1 wfe) and one SQL 2012 sp1.
    On thé 2 Apps SharePoint server and SQL Server i ve installed rs for SharePoint and rs addin for SP.
    On thé only 1 wfe i ve just installed thé addin for SP.
    When accessing to sql rs system page from SP i got an internal error 500.
    Do you havé any idea ?
    Should i Need to install rs for SharePoint too on the wfe server ?

    Thx for your help,
    Best regards,

    • Feb 18 2013

      Have you tried installing the reporting services on the sharepoint server?

      • Mickey
        Feb 19 2013

        Do you mean to install rs SharePoint on thé wfe server ?

  2. Jun 21 2013

    I think that Installing entire SharePoint 2013 sever is more preferable option for any SharePoint development work. Because it gives provide you total support.


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