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How to create a Custom Theme for SharePoint 2010 in 10 minutes

Here is a great post on a tool called Theme Builder. Lou van der Bijl has done a great job in explaining how the tool works. Check it out!


How to update the SharePoint 2010 Breadcrumb

If you’re just starting to use SharePoint 2010 you’ll see that the new interface has a different model for breadcrumbs. It’s pretty slick once you get use to it but if you want to help out your end users until they’re fully trained and comfortable with the new SP2010 interface you can have a hybrid breadcrumb approach.

“A hybrid approach to SharePoint 2010 Breadcrumbs”
To have a hybrid approach to breadcrumbs you can simply add the vertical breadcrumb to your v4.master page as show in Neil’s Post.

Where to place it:
If you’re wondering where to place the code that Neil has highlighted I would recommend using the Page Description section, the breadcrumb fits perfectly under the page description.  Once you open the master page in SharePoint Designer 2010, search for  s4-pagedescription and place the breadcrumb code under the content place holder as show in the below figure.

SharePoint 2010 Breadcrumb

SharePoint 2010 Breadcrumb